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Pressure & Soft Washing


  • Pressure washing done at varying pressure levels, always adjusted to the task, with proper clean up to finish it off
  • Soft wash is one without a machine using only water tap pressure and done with a soft brushed water fed pole and earth friendly cleaning agent
  • Ground surfaces (driveway, decks, walkways, retaining walls, etc.), sidings (vinyl, stucco, hardy board, etc.), roofs of all kinds can be cleaned and maintained using pressure or soft wash

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Pressure washing

High pressure water is the most effective and preferred way of cleaning many surfaces from walkways, driveway and decks through retaining walls and sidings to roofs.
Few know how many ways pressure can be adjusted and regulated, and even less how to skillfully use them for superior results. This service is possibly the most skill demanding one of all in home services.

Getting the job done with your garden intact and clean is almost an art in which we excel. We know the importance of constant and seemingly pointless rinsing – since it will get mucked up again in minutes - but in a hot day that muck would bake on the plants and walls if not kept at least wet.
Pressure washing can turn green and dirty surfaces look almost new and the grounds from dangerously slippery to safe to walk on.

Soft washing

It is an alternate method for cleaning up green and dirty vinyl or hardy board sidings with our superior cleaning agent that does not harm your building material or plants.
It uses the outdoor water tap and a telescopic, soft brushed water fed pole that can reach up to four storeys on its own.

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