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The Power of Power Washing

The Power of Power Washing

Posted on 2023-06-27 by Zsolt Katai

It may seem funny to someone who is used to doing power (or pressure) washing for so many years that someone else would think a patio is a lost cause. But it’s only natural. I came across this one patio, I’ve been around it for a decade doing other services for the owner: window washing, gutter cleaning, solar panel washing – oh yes, that’s a thing too! -, moss treatment and moss removal but for some reason never occurred to power wash their patio.

Patio before power washing.

This time around though we got to talking and as we walked around the property the patio came up: it was covered with moss, looked like it’s never been cleaned. And the gentleman mentioned it probably can’t be helped. That piqued my interest right away – who doesn’t like a challenge – because I could see exactly what a night and day difference proper power washing could do.

Lo and behold, the whole patio – as a matter of fact another one too – with walkway and their driveway turned into a beautiful place to spend time at. And it didn’t even take the strongest pressure or any special accessory to achieve it.

Patio after power washing.

It takes some time and a lot of skill but mostly the will to do it. Most people – and I include some of those who call themselves pressure washers – don’t know how much nuance there is in pressure washing, how many different ways pressure can be regulated by the operator of the pressure washing machine (off the top of my hat I say: four). It sometimes goes as low as hardly stronger than your regular household water pressure.

This means power washing isn’t just “blasting away”, pedal to the metal kind of work. Quite the contrary, one has to be clever, focused and very mindful besides being skillful, which comes from learning from someone who knows and then from a lot of practice.

It is a very precise tool to get otherwise impossible to clean surfaces right as rain. That takes me to the importance of knowing how to handle difference surfaces but I’m not trying to teach the reader how to power wash here. I only wish to impress that there is a lot that can be done with power washing services and one shouldn’t be afraid of it as long as a skillful person holds the wand.

Have you seen the results of pressure washing? They say pictures are worth a thousand words but I say see it for yourself.

Driveway before and after

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