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Summer Window Cleaning

Summer Window Cleaning

Posted on 2020-06-01 by Zsolt Katai

Today, I’d say, we hit the hottest day of this year so far!

And with all the sunshine I’m sure many have their windows on their mind, and how to get them cleaned down into the corner.

And while I could say to “hire a professional” that wouldn’t be much of a help to you. So instead I’d like to give a few tips in the hopes it will benefit you.

You may have a go at it yourself for the interior windows or use a maid/house cleaning service who also take on some inside window washing (even though they’re less than pros in it).

  • My #1 tip is regarding what to use for cleaning. There are plenty of different products so I just tell you this: use something that has no wax in it.

Any waxing agent will make the dust and other particles stick to your glass faster. And though some window washers would disagree with me that is not the desired effect.

  • Another good idea is to use a cloth that is either lint less or lint free (former surgical clothes or other that you can find in janitorial stores usually) for similar reasons as above. Some glasses are “rougher” than others and those can really become linty if you don’t pay attention to what type of clothes you are using.

  • If you ever decide to go on a ladder make sure you have another person holding that ladder at its foot very sturdily (footing the ladder)! Using a mat or rug under the ladder’s feet is a good idea but still have someone to help you. Especially interior surfaces tend to be slippery (stone, wood, etc.). This is if you’re using an extension type ladder, one that opens up to an ‘A’ shouldn’t skid.

The alternative is to use an extension pole but that definitely requires a lot of finesse and other tools as well. Usually at this point you are better off calling a professional to handle the high windows.

  • If you have a cracked glass you may still wash it, depending on the severity of the crack, but ensure you don’t cut yourself, don’t put too much pressure on the glass and no water gets through the crack (use less water).

  • Try to avoid direct sunshine on the glass you’re cleaning. It can be done but it slows the process down a great deal and a sauna is better fit for sweating. Sunrooms will turn into saunas and you could easily make the glass look worse than before.

  • And finally: cover anything you don’t want to make wet, you never know when you make an unscheduled drip on your favorite couch or laptop, etc.

While a lot more could be said about this topic I covered a few main ones and I leave it to you to ask the rest.

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